The adress of my Home & Office is ( = Link ):

Oudestraat 4, 5161 TB Sprang-Capelle

What’s important is that you take care your navigation goes to ‘Oudestraat‘ and NOT to ‘Oude_Straat’ cause then you’ll go to the wrong area ( Business Area in Waalwijk ). 

The Village ‘Sprang-Capelle’is laying between Waalwijk and  Loon op Zand / Tilburg, not far from the Efteling. Oudestraat 4 is very close to the highway between Waalwijk and Tilburg, the N261.

If you have arrived the village via the Roundabout of  Tilburgseweg / Kerkstraat / Oosteind and you are on the Kerkstraat ( =  Sprang-Capelle  ) please take attention to the house-numbers at the right side of the road, because after Kerkstraat 22 the numbering is starting with 2, 4, 6 and tha’t the ‘Oudestraat’! 

The onewaytraffic is starting there and it’s also not allowed to park your car at the right side of the road. You can park your car on the left side of the road, where the curbs are slooping. 

Mostly there’s enough space. If there’s no parkingspace for you, please drive to the church and park there and then take a walk to my Office. 

See you!



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